A Day for Mothers


Mother's day is commonly celebrated during the second day of May. It is a world tradition which is done to honor mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds and the importance of mothers in the society in every part of the world. This celebration is renamed as an important day for every family; it is significant time of the year when mothers feel important and cherished. Although it is celebrated in different dates the essence of the day is more important than the date.

Back in 1912, Anna Jarvis branded the phrases "second Sunday of May" and "mother's day", and also created the Mother's day International Association. The apostrophe in the term "Mother's day" is specifically place in between the letters "R" and "S" which denotes a singular possessive term for each family and for their mother alone and not all the mothers around the world. In countries like the United States, Philippines, Brazil and other countries, This is celebrated in the month of May, specifically during the second Sunday. While in some Arab countries, it is celebrated in the month of March. In Roman Catholic churches, mother's day is associated with the devotion to Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. During mother's day a special prayer service is done in her honor.

Gifts such as cards and flowers are often given to mothers by their family and friends. These simple gifts symbolize their respect and love for their mothers who have dedicated her life for her family. Just for one day, mothers around the world are given importance and if permitted by the government, this kind of celebration could have a special holiday which allows family to celebrate it outside their homes.

Aside from birthdays, mother's day is one of those days when mothers feel special and appreciated. It is a reminder of how important it is for women and mothers to be treated with utter respect and love for they have been a big part of a family. In fact, they are the reason why families are established and started. Mothers take the major role in starting a family. They are the fruit bearer and the mediator of the family. That is why mothers should not be taken for granted for they have contributed a great deal in our society. And for mothers, take this opportunity when you will feel loved and cherished for it is only once a year. You should take advantage of it and celebrate it with your family.


Source by Edza M Vejarasco


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