Boosting Your Return on Investment: How to Write an Effective Sales Letter


Every company needs to write a sales letter at some point, but not all of them realize how critical they can be in winning new business. Your words are often the only thing between you and your next best customer, so you need to choose the right ones, and use them in the right way.

Below you'll find a few points on writing an effective sales letter, but do bear in mind that it's often better to hire a professional copywriter to do the work. Their years of experience in reaching new customers and markets will easily offset your small investment – and is not maximizing return on investment one of your main objectives?

A strong lead paragraph

The opening paragraph of your sales letter is probably the single most important. It's here that you need to grab a reader's attention with both hands and convince them that they need to read on. A strong first line combined with some temptationing use of language should leave your reader with no choice but to find out exactly what's on offer.

An offer they can not refuse

It's one thing to get potential customers 'on the hook', but it's quite another to land them and convert them into cold hard cash. Your sales letter should almost always carry an irresistible offer; something that will make people want to get in touch with you. Even if this means giving away a low ticket item for free, the leads you'll gain will be like gold-dust.

Always be transparent

People value honesty, and they respond well to it in a sales situation. If you employ a tone of voice which is open and honest, you'll find your response rates are much higher. Most people have developed a thick skin against the 'hard sell', to be sure that you make your sales letter read as honestly as possible – your readers will appreciate it.

Do not forget that all the tips in the world will not protect you from every sales letter pitfall; however there are ways to near-enough guarantee your sales letter is a success. The main one of these is to have a professional freelance copywriter do the hard work for you. It's all about return on investment, and very often the small amount you'll pay the freelance copywriter will pale in comparison to the amount of leads their words will generate. Think it through carefully … hiring a freelance copywriter to write you next sales letter could be the best decision you ever make.


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