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It's crazy.

There's no one more interested in repairing your bad credit than yourself, and I'm sure you can agree with that. However, that being said, what does that say about the completion percentages of self-credit repair efforts? I estimate about 65% or more of do-it-yourself credit repair projects are dropped after the first month of efforts.

There are a couple of core factors that feed into this trend, and what I'll present to you as the answer to these obstacles can all be found in a solid piece of credit repair software.

1. Credit repair requires incredible organization

One of the main factors as to why people may give up after the first month of efforts is their lack of organizational skills. When you start the credit repair efforts, you will likely have all three credit reports (equifax, experian, and trans union), together at the same time. You are able to discern exactly what you need to do to get the ball rolling. However you will find that through the course of the next 30 days, you will receive updates from the credit bureaus in response to your challenges. The responses can be hazy in clarity, and multiple in quantity.

Frankly, you just lose sight of what to do next with all communications at different times. Its extremely common to take no action when you get a few updates that "promise" more updates in a few days, to then procrastinate and plan to action them when all the other updates come in. This is many times where people fail themselves.

It's so important to have a clear action plan, and know exactly what to do, and when to do it. That's one thing I liked about "Bad Credit Eraser Software" that a credit attorney put together. He built in a unique calendar function which will alert you with automation, when you should be expecting something from the credit bureaus, or credited, and then reminds you exactly what to do on that day.

Really cool feature. I use it without fail.

2. Credit repair requires extremely tedious tasks

If you've ever attempted to repair your credit, you just looked ahead in violation agreement. The process of ordering reports, reviewing each trade-line, on each report with a fine-tooth-comb, writing letters of dispute and challenge to each bureau directly, and getting them all sorted out "snail mail" with return receipt requested, etc . Its tedious, and time consuming. There's no wonder why so few people continue on after the first month's efforts … it's not a glamorized task!

Credit repair software allows you to streamline all the tedious work, and can complete these tasks in seconds as opposed to hours. The savings to your frustration level, and the powerful results that are associated with continuing your efforts are so rewarding. For example, the ability to load your accounts into a piece of software like Bad Credit Eraser, and literally point-and-click a few buttons to spit out updated dispute letters in seconds, is priceless.

Arguably, the most time consuming task is the letter writing. The fact that you can construct and print out your updated letters in a matter of seconds, takes your monthly time investment in credit repair from hours or days, down to minutes.

If you're not using a powerful credit repair software to complete your credit repair efforts, you're missing out, and frankly you're jeopardizing your completion odds. Find yourself a solid piece of software, and download it immediately. You can have your credit repair efforts completely automated and set up in the next hour of so.

To your success!


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