Do You Know What Your Wife Wants From A Good Husband?


Your wife was created with different needs to your own. More specifically, she has certain emotional needs that you do not have. Do you think it is to be difficult that she has these emotional needs? No, my friend, she was created that way by almighty God. And you know what? God created you with the capacity, and indeed with the responsibility , to meet those emotional needs of hers.

Why Do Men And Women Differ?
The reason is simple – to cater for all eventualities.

Men have been created to be the stronger sex. And note, here, that "stronger" refers only to physical strength. In many ways your wife is stronger than you; if you doubt that then try giving birth to a baby …

When God created man he was given the responsibility to love and care for his wife. The wife, on the other hand, was created with the capacity to emotionally care for and support the children that she was designed to bare. That is why she is much more emotionally inclined than you are.

Along with your responsibility to love her, you also have the responsibility to learn to understand your wife. She is unique, and no other woman in the world is exactly the same as she. But do you know what she needs from you?

So What Does Your Wife REALLY Want?
Much research has been done, by many organizations, all over the world, to try to find an answer to this question.

And, while there are many things that were repeated over and over by thousands of women, it is also true that no two women are exactly the same (thank God for that!)

Furthermore, the same woman will have different needs at different times in her life. For example, if someone close to her (like her mother) dies, your wife will need much more emotional support from you than she would need under normal circumstances. Or, when she is learning to drive a car she will need much more patience and understanding from you than previously.

That having been said, the following have been indicated by thousands of women as some of the most important things that need from their husbands:

  • He must Care for me
  • He has to Give to me
  • He has to Trust me
  • He must absolutely Respect me
  • I want him to Enjoy Spending Time with me
  • He should be comfortable Sharing with me what is on his Mind
  • He must be willing to share his feelings with me
  • Listening – he has to Listen attentively when we talk
  • I want him to Cherish me
  • I have to be his Number One Priority
  • He must Need me – and not just for sex
  • He must Admire me
  • I want him to Shower me with his attention
  • I like him to Surprise me

Not ALL the things mentioned above are things wanted by ALL women, but they are a good generalized indication as to what your wife might want from you.

It is important to communicate with your wife in order to find out what she really wants. How else will you ever know her personal, specific needs?


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