Four Hour Work Week Review


The 4 Hour Work Week – Extended Edition

The incredible guide to life and the book that will slap you in the face for not reading it sooner.

First things first, I love this book.

It is one of if not the most practical and useful book I’ve ever come across.

Before you get too deep into this I’m going to start by saving some time for people who most likely wouldn’t like this book.

If you are completely happy with your current situation and don’t want to open your mind to a new way of thinking, this book isn’t for you.

If you believe that there is nothing you can do to improve your life, and you wont try anything at all to do it, this book isn’t for you.

If your dead, this book isn’t for you.

That’s about it.

For the other 98% of the world, head over to amazon and pick it up.

Author Tim Ferriss starts off bold, making eyebrow raising claims that you can make $80,000 a month from without direct interference, take an unlimited number of mini retirements ( vacations strategically spread out throughout the year), and basically do what ever you want in life.

Now you may be thinking, “Do whatever I want in life? Did I misread that?”

No, you didn’t.

If your like most people in the working world, you probably aren’t doing what you want in life and might believe that when your parents told you that you had the ability too, they were lying.

Being a slightly skeptical person, I had similar thoughts.. However It’s important to keep an open mind when reading new things especially a book about lifestyle design.

Oh right, did I forget to say anything about what the book was?

This is not a book about how to become super rich or how to start a company with 10,000 employees. Although those are two very possible things if you follow some of the principles in this book.Rather Mr.Ferriss introduces us to a concept known as the “New Rich” then proceeds to explain what it is, how to get there, and why you will love it. To be honest, this is not just a book.

In case your curious, the New Rich are a breed of highly mobile, financially successful people who don’t get bogged down with dead-end jobs, time-consuming businesses, or anything else that’s undesirable.

The 4 Hour work week presents a very logical and step by step plan on how to get there, then leaves you to do the basic work to get there.

Before holding your hand through the journey of riches, Tim explains very useful but vital strategies for cutting down on the amount of time you spend on simple little things that take forever, examples being replying and reading emails, making unprofitable phone calls, and many more. A benefit for you as the reader is that you have the choice on how you will apply the concepts, however if you take nothing from the book the chapters on the easy to carry out time-saving techniques will have you ahead of 80% of other people.

The best thing about how he organizes his techniques is not by saying, here’s a huge list of things you can avoid, do it, rather providing day by day goals you can do to get the ball rolling. Once you’ve cut down on the simple things, it’s time to cut down on the amount of time you waste, ahem spend at work.

This is described in detail through a series of work from home trials and a lot of persuasion, which is of course covered in the text. The one major flaw in this chapter is that it only really applies to those who work at office jobs, or ones that it’s physically possible to be away from. Those of you that work in the service industry such as a Chef cannot cook steaks at home and send them to work in place of you.

While the strategies on distancing your self from the job are very specific to office type jobs, it’s the money part that counts.

Tim Ferriss’ approach involves a little something called muse creation. A muse is essentially a mini business ( that can be scaled to how large you want it to be however ) which has the goal of generating enough income for you to be financially stable, which requiring as little input as possible once up and running. The majority of the suggestions are online based businesses due to how easy and cheap they are to set up, however it can be done in any number of ways once you put some thought in it.

There you have the majority of the content in the book, however there is so much to cover it’s hard in a single review.

For a detailed analysis of the books breakdown, check out my full review at my blog.



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