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Getting the Female Orgasm


The female orgasm is one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world. However, you have to know how to give her one. There are two ways in which you can give your partner an orgasm. You can get it either by clitoral stimulation or by g spot stimulation.

Whatever way you choose, you should start off with lots of foreplay. You should stimulate her mentally as well as physically. Try exploring the erogenous zones of her body, including her neck, ears and breasts. You can try tickling her earlobes with your tongue and then the area around her ears.

Cares her whole body and they go to her genitals. Remember, a woman is different. She will not enjoy you touching her genitals unless she is really aroused.

Stroke her clitoris with circular movements and apply very gentle pressure. You can also try stimulating her vulva with a massage. The sides of the clitoris are also very sensitive areas and you can try stimulating these when she is excited.

Once you have stimulated her clitoris enough, it is time to go for her g spot. This is an area that is present just within one or two inches of her vaginal opening. You will understand it when you reach it. It will appear to be slightly harder than the area surrounding it and will have a ridged feel about it. Stroke her very softly there till the area gets spongy. This will mean that her spot is stimulated.

You can continue clitoral stimulation at the same time. Continue the movements at a pressure level she is comfortable with. She will get her orgasm in a few minutes and may get an ejaculation also.

The female orgasm is a very intense experience and your partner may get it very easily, once you try out these tips.

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