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How to Write a Business Letter


Business letter reiterates to a form of communication used when writing to corporations or any institution that has a formal structure. The letter is commonly made for inquiries or correspondence between companies and external parties, clients or customers. Below are the guidelines that can be used if you want to make an interesting, formal and impressive business letter.

How to Write a Business Letter

For your convenience, you can use some computer applications or programs that can be helpful when writing a formal letter. One of the programs that can be used is Microsoft Word. This application has versions that provide formats for writing business letters. If the word processor that you are using does not have formats, then you can follow the style and format that is discussed in this article.

Paste or copy your preprinted letterhead on the top center portion of the paper. If you do not have a special letterhead, you need to indicate your full name, job position or title and return address three to six lines from the top. Use a block style when writing a formal letter. Indicate the date three lines from the return address. Make sure that you align the information that you have written. You can justify or left align the data.

Indicate the full name of the recipient, two lines after the date. Below the name, type the business title or job position of the recipient. Press enter and indicate the recipient's business address. Write an opening salutation two lines after the business address.

Start the letter with a formal greeting, three lines after the salutation. Double space and start the first paragraph of the body. You should introduce yourself in the first paragraph if you are not yet acquainted with the recipient. It is also necessary to include a reference for your letter. For example, you can write that the letter is in reference to a former telephone conversation between you and the recipient about a certain topic that you want to further discuss in the letter.

Double space and begin with the second paragraph. The second paragraph should include the reason for writing the letter. The reason can be to compliment the company for the product that you purchased or to file a complaint about the products or services offered by the firm. Make sure that this paragraph is concise and brief.

Double space and write a closing salutation like 'Respectfully, "and" Thank You. "Sign two lines after the salutation.

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