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IRS Tax Debt – How to File Unfiled Tax Returns in Three Simple Steps


Get Moving! Not filing your Tax Returns is illegal. The IRS can punish you with penalties and even jail time. So why do you keep procrastinating? You might think you won’t get caught, but the IRS is made to hunt you down. You will be caught. Follow these three simple steps to get back on the right track.

1) Gather Old Info

If you haven’t filed in years, you probably lost your old W-2 and 1099 forms. You can try to ask businesses that issued you a W-2 of 1099 for copies. But not many businesses keep old records around. Or they may be out of business. Instead, call the IRS and request income data for the missing tax years. Be Patient! It may take several weeks for a written response from the IRS.

You can use Form 4852, “Substitute W-2.” Attach it to the front of your tax return.

Important Warning: When you prepare your Unfiled Tax Returns, you must use the tax forms for the year you are filing. For example, you can’t use 2001 tax forms and change the year to 2008.

2) Prepare and File Forms

After you have the proper forms and publications, you need to sign and date your Tax Return. Be sure you include all sources of income. Attach any required schedules, forms, and documentation needed.

3) Send It Out

If you received a notice from the IRS, mail your past due return to the address on your notice. If you’ve never received a notice, send your return to the address in the form instructions. Past due returns are processed only at certain select service centers. Keep in mind that if you send your past due return to another office it will delay the process.

Avoid Big Trouble. In the meantime, anIRS Hitman may ask if you filed Income Tax Returns for all years. Lying to the IRS is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. So be careful about what your answer. If you are unsure about how to answer an IRS Hitman’s probing questions, contact a Tax Professional who can handle the IRS for you.

Now You Have The Smoking Gun…Use it!

Source by Richard Close


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