Mother – Pulse of Life


Mom… When I decided to write about you my pen is stopped on the pulse, and my hands are frozen, not for nothing but because my mind and my heart have not been able to express even a word about your soul pure. I begged for my memory so much to help and provide me with words which express what lies in me, but they were powerless compared with the greatness of your soul. O compassionate; My heart is filled with tons of love and gratitude, and of your standing as bells of your situations and education are still ringing in my ears. You educated me and I thanked you by crying, you taught me how to go my first step and I thanked you by escaping, you gave me delicious food and I thanked you by throwing you with dishes, you give me a pen and I drew on the walls. All these situations were in the last periods of childhood, and what remains is your compassion, you are the only person who bore my affliction.

Mother’s Day is intended for honoring your immaculate inquiry, reminding of what you created, but this day is much less than what you gave us; what you gave humanity; what you gave life. Specifying one day to honor your achievements, to say what the agony you suffered to grow up generations who are building nations, is not enough for your pure position. You are the peace of the universe, Mom.

Whenever we tried to say the achievements of this great human, we can not give her what she actually deserves, even we can not give her simple parts of her right, you are the great person who rocked the cradle with your right and are able to shake the world with your left. She studied with us, overpassed the difficulties of life with us and graduated from schools and universities with us. She is happy for our successes and she blesses our days, thanks to all of this.

On the other hand, How we have provided for Motherhood, what we have done for her since childhood and what we did after her old age, we got married and neglect her because of our work. We could not coordinate our days with her, although we know that she has dedicated all her life to us. We should acknowledge that all what we have and all what we achieve is thanks to her, even the blood that is flowing in our veins is from her spirit. We should return to our senses, cherish the role of our mothers, respect them, have pity on them as they do with us and smile to them as they instilled love in our souls. In the end the mother is priceless and we should pray for God to protect her.


Source by Basma Hakim


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