Online Bill Pay – What's In It For You?


With Online Bill Pay, you can securely pay your bills whenever you want. No more writing checks. No more stamps and envelopes. Online Bill Pay with your credit union allows you to pay any bill, any person and any company, without ever touching a pen. It does not matter if your bills are paper or electronic. Online Bill Pay will make the payment for you. Best of all, it's fast, easy and free!

I love paying my bills online. In fact, I think I've only written three or four checks in the last year and they were all sent to individuals, not a company. I really love the convenience. So, besides the convenience of online bill pay, what are the other advantages of paying bills online?

Save Time . I can pay a stack of bills in less than 10 minutes and that includes signing in to my online account.

Save Money. Now that a first class stamp costs $ .49 it makes paying your bills the old-fashioned way pretty expensive. If you have 10 or more bills every month you will be spending approximately $ 5 per month. Online bill pay at most credit unions is free so that adds up to a savings of $ 60 per year.

Increase Security. Using online bill pay can help prevent identity theft and give you additional security to your transactions. Online bill pay at most credit unions use the latest technology and security to keep your financial information secure.

Support the Environment. It's amazing how much can be made if everyone makes an effort to improve the environment. Did you know reducing the amount of paper that is used saves forests and reduces greenhouse gasses and fuel emissions? Less paper means more green. Check out Pay It Green to find out other steps that can be taken to improve the environment by using online bill pay.

The benefits described above are the most obvious but there are many more:

  • Pay bills from anywhere.
  • Control when bills get paid to avoid late fees.
  • Pay bills individually or in batches.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments.
  • Access your payment status and payment history.
  • Only enter payee information once with convenient customizable payee list.
  • View selected billing statements from payees online.
  • Arrange e-mail alerts for bill arrivals, due dates and upcoming payments.
  • Skip or modify a single instance of a recurring payment.
  • Run payment reports and create custom reports.
  • View your payments up to six months in advance with the payment calendar.
  • View recently processed and pending payments on the main bill payment screen.

Mobile access to check balances, transfer funds and pay bills from your cell phone or other mobile device.

There has been a burst of technological advances over the past several years so it surprises me that more people have not started using online banking. I'm urging you to take advantage of online bill pay to save time and money, decrease clutter and most importantly improve your financial management.


Source by Patrick Redo


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