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Paper Versus Digital – The Book Format Wars



For the first time last year, more e-books were sold than traditional paper books. This has caused much discussion and consternation. Some think that traditional books have a sense of permanency. While these new developments are good, they do not have the same reliability.

People who enjoy the new digital books argument that they are far more transportable and almost impossible to damage. They also cost less. In some cases, they do not cost anything. These are all very persuasive arguments.

Still, there is no replacing that feeling of sitting down with your favorite book, a big steaming mug of coffee and the whole afternoon in front of you. Obviously, it all comes down to your own temperament, but it's something digital books can not yet replicate.

It's not the same with a digital book. The screen does not have the same visual spectrum as paper and if you're easily distracted by all the other forms of entertainment offered online. With an old fashioned book, you are able to get lost amongst the pages far easier.

Another thing to think of is value. A lot of original books are now highly valued because of the rarity. This will never happen to an easily duplicated digital book, which value can only go down.

There is another thing to consider when comparing price. While an old fashioned book is more expensive, you own it forever, it can sit proudly on your shelf, and you will not lose it because of some copyright device or software glitch.

However, there is definitely merit in technology. Without a doubt, the world would be a far more depressing and difficult place and we would not be able to accomplish as much as can be done nowdays.

This is not necessarily true with regard to literature though. Libraries and authors are both suffering from the onslaught of digital printing, and it may be a losing battle.


Source by David Leek


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