Reflexology – Non Invasive Healing Technique


Reflexology? Ever heard of it? Neither had I until I ran into a site put up by Bill Flocco, director and founder of the American Academy of Reflexology. It apparently is a site for pain relief and is responsible for giving you a deep sense of relaxation.


This process is based on the idea that injury or disease in one part of the body can cause a buildup of substance that irritates nerve endings in reflex points in the feet, hands and ears. Thus, reflexing – applying pressure on and gentile manipulation at the points of the feet, hands and ears – corresponds to and helps specific areas of the body.


The reflexes in the fingers and toes correspond to the head and neck. For best results massage these reflex points for five to ten minutes at least twice a day and at least four times a week. Sometimes relief will come quickly, or it can take several days, weeks or longer for reflexology to help.

Caution: if pain is related to a medical condition seek help from a doctor.

For each ailment you can apply pressure on the hands, ears and feet for relief.

A few reflex points are described here:

Jaw Pain

This winter I fell on the ice on the right side of my face swelling it up giving me a lot of pain and a large contusion. I had intensive pain in the jaw area although X-rays proved negative. After running across reflexologist Dr. Flocco site I thought why not try it. On his site he directs you to use the tip of your index finger, locate the small flap of cartridge at the top of the earlobe. Then move your finger about half an inch toward the back edge of the ear. Place the tip of the thumb behind the ear and with the index finger on the front, squeeze gently, applying firm, but not painful pressure. Apply pressure on both ears at once.

After you have applied the reflexology on the ear for five to ten minutes, do it on your feet. While seated, place you left foot on the opposite knee. With the left hand grasp the big toe and apply pressure with the tip of the thumb to the widest part of the big toe in the area closest to the second toe. Switch legs and repeat, exercise both for five to ten minutes.

After trying these methods on the ears and feet for the prescribed amount of time, four times a week, after two weeks the pain had dissipated to the extent I no longer had pain. Wow, to say the least I was amazed it worked!

Lower Back Pain

I was so amazed this worked like it did I thought I would try it on my chronic back pain I developed when I was younger. I had been taking Ibuprofen for it forever; I just thought that maybe this would do the job.

On the site the good doctor directs you to find the area just above the wrist on the thumb edge of the left palm. Grasping from behind with the fingers of the opposite hand, apply gentile pressure to this point with the tip of the thumb. Gently roll the tip of your thumb while applying pressure. Switch hands and repeat for five to ten minutes four times a week. I did these exercises for one week and the back pain completely disappeared from my body. I have not had back pain now for several years; now I am sure I was onto something.

Reducing Urinary Frequency

As I have grown older I was getting up to go to the bathroom at least twice a night. I have looked at several different drug treatments whose side effects are worse than the treatment. I looked again on the site and found an exercise that the doctor said would eliminate getting up at night completely. You need to do this simple exercise four to six times daily and he vowed this would get rid of the urine frequency.

The site says, while sitting, place your left foot on your right knee. Find the spot on the inner edge of the left foot that is a direct line below the ankle bone, where the inner side of the foot and the sole of the foot meet. Using your right thumb, apply pressure on this point. Gently grasp and stabilize the left foot with the fingers on the right hand while you do this. Repeat on the opposite foot. The exercise should last from five to ten minutes. Do this daily until urination frequency disappears.

I tried it for two weeks and the urination frequency finally, at long last, disappeared. I am happy to say that reflexologist Dr. Flocco has done wonders for my pain management. By simply following his direction the problems have all gone away.


Source by Gary Kent Boyd


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