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You Were Never Meant To Lead Your Life

Those who fall away from the ultimate purpose in life have done so as a result of following wrong voices. Our lives are governed primarily by the voices that speak most vocally into our souls. What voices are you listening to? Self, pervading philosophy, popular opinion, media hype, culture, advertisements, propaganda, etc.


Our perspective is made up by our frame of reference given to us by our culture, family, upbringing, life experiences, etc. The perspective we hold may not necessarily be conducive to living the best life. For example, someone born into object poverty may not see opportunities to rise into affluence simply because of a poverty mindset.


I believe that each human has a purpose and function to fulfill in life. Living a life of purpose ensures the best experience on this planet. Living on purpose requires living in reality, governed by an existential perspective.

No Hope In Self Governance

Not one human can claim to have mastered the ability to lead their lives into perfection. We all have need of an outer voice. Being self-led and self-governed causes us to wander in circles. The analogy of a person lost in the desert, trudging along in the sand serves as a great reminder. The bewildered traveler will eventually make their way back to their starting point. Why? we all travel in circles as no two legs are exactly the same length. The result is a circular path instead of straight. There is no hope in self-guidance. Humanity has no hope in self-governance. We need help!

Maze Navigation

How would a person safely find their way out of a maze. Simple! They would place one hand on a wall and keep walking without allowing that hand to leave the wall. Eventually the person would touch every inch of the maze and eventually find the exit.

External Guidance

What if we could receive external guidance from someone who had the ultimate perspective? A creator of the maze, and the desert. That would ensure a safe and expedited journey into reality.

What Is Reality?

Reality can never be found in the context of the desert of our limited perspectives. It can only be perceived through the eyes of God. Without the revealing light of truth we are merely living in shadows at best, groping for answers, solutions, and appealing avenues.

3 Steps Into Discovering Reality

1. Live Humbly

Humility is simply living without the constraints of self-limiting perceptions. It is enjoyed in the midst of total reliance upon the creator. True freedom is lived when we are free from our self-imposed constraints. To live humbly is to acknowledge the need of a pure guide found only in the existential reality of God!

2. Pursue Peace

Peace is found in the absence of confusion and contaminated thinking. Pure reality is experienced in the heart of the pure One that designed and cultivated life! We know this person as God. The all-powerful, all knowledgeable, ever-present, self-existent source of life. To pursue God is to pursue peace.

3. Experience Reality For Yourself

To indulge in a real experience with the creator is to experience reality! John 17:3 in the Message Bible states, “… this is real and eternal life… ” that we may know God and His Son Jesus Christ whom He sent! This is how we experience reality.


Source by Dr. Steven J. Lynne


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