10 Things She Needs More Than Your Size In Bed


Learning what she cares about more than your size, can go a long way to improving both your sex life, and your relationship.

1.) Instead of simply having sexual intercourse, try using sex as the ending or beginning to a romantic date. When a woman feels like she is being seduced all evening her sexual arousal will be heightened, this often leads to long, erotic sexual experiences.

2.) Foreplay is important to a woman, more so than his size. Women become aroused differently than men, and often foreplay can be more important than the actual sexual act. For some women, their entire bodies can become aroused with soft touches, and light kisses. Simply imagine her body as a sexual playground, and men will be surprised at her reaction.

3.) Women enjoy soft words of encouragement to let them know that their partner is enjoying their attentions. Men should never be afraid to let her know that she is doing something right. Try whispering sexy words in her ear. Some women enjoy it when their partner talks “dirty” to them. Avoid sounding repetitive, it can sound phoney and ruin the mood.

4.) Some women find it extremely erotic when their partner stares deeply into their eyes during intercourse. Remember, women enjoy sex both physically and emotionally. There is nothing more intimate and erotic than gazing deeply into your partner’s eyes right before climaxing.

5.) A man’s confidence in his performance can make almost any woman not worry about his size. It does not matter how large you are, if you do not have confidence in bed, you will not be able to satisfy a woman.

6.) Pay attention to how she responds during foreplay. Nothing can impress a woman and make her feel sexy quite like a man who seems to always know what she likes. Pay attention to when she gasps or wiggles, knowing what she likes ahead of time can lead to great ex.

7.) With toys, size never has to matter. Toys are a fun way to enhance and share a sexual experience, and more and more couples are using them. Consider taking her shopping with you, not only is it fun, you might learn something surprising about her.

8.) This might seem silly to men, but some women do worry about their appearance while in some sexual positions. While it is normally not something men consider, it can ruin a woman’s mood. Try to use positions that she is comfortable with. If you want to try one that she might consider unflattering, ask her before beginning any sexual activity.

9.) After the climax, many men simply roll over or leave the room. Women enjoy a tender moment afterwards. Not only does this help to reassure them, it can help build the anticipation for the next sexual encounter.

10.) This does not only apply to unmarried men, but married men as well. Tell her that you enjoyed your time together. Whether it is a phone call to let her know that you had fun, or a kiss on the check, letting a woman know that you enjoyed her as much as she enjoyed you can make a woman want to continue seeing you.

While size may matter a little bit to her, there are several other concerns that come first. By following these simple tips, you will forget why you were worried. Remembering that women have other concerns can help to dramatically improve sexual performance.


Source by Shawn A Clark


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