5 Common Forms Of Identity Theft


Everyone knows the financial results of identity theft. Credit card fraud, poor credit, bounced checks and unpaid debt are common place due to stolen identities. Finance is not the only thing that can be ruined. Here is a list of some other types of identity theft.

Other Kinds of Identity Theft

The first type is character identity theft. You may be a risk of being charged with a crime if your character identity has been stolen. You may even end up spending time in prison. Character identity usually happens when your driver's license is stolen and the number used. Your driver's license is your most important piece of identification after you Social Security number. If your character identity is stolen you may not be able to find work because of unfavorable background checks.

Social Security number theft is one of the most serious forms of identity theft. With a stolen Social Security number someone can access just about any other piece of private information. Almost all identity theft occurs because the person's Social Security number has been jeopardized. Tax information as well as bank statements and employment records all use it for identification.

Medical benefits may also be compromised. Your Social Security number is also used as Medicare identification. You may be unable to pay for prescriptions and medical care without Medicare. Health records may end up containing false information and it may be hard to get health insurance. It becomes harder to get a lower insurance rate if they think you are unhealthy.

Traffic violations are another problem. Stealing a driver's license is one of the most devious types of identity theft. With a license, the thief can obtain auto insurance using the number and harm the person's credit rating by not making the payments. Any traffic violations that are obtained on the license number are recorded and your insurance rates will rise.

Credit theft is probably the most familiar type of ID theft. This happens when someone acquires bank account information such as PIN numbers or credit cards. With just this little piece of information, they can apply for a loan in your name, do transactions or even empty out your bank account. Very often the victim is not even aware this has happened until the bill collectors call looking for the money owed for items bought.

Being aware of these types of ID theft will help keep you safe. You need to realize that finance is just one. Character and health and transportation can also be at risk.


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