5 Reasons Why Your Credit Report is Lying to You, and How You Can Start Fixing It


Your report is lying to you.

I am not kidding … unless you're one of the lucky 2 in 10 people with an absolutely spotless report … there is SOME misinformation located right on this critical document.

And with the economy heading further and further downhill, credit will be one thing that will be challenging to get in any form (ie loans, credit cards, refinances, etc …).

So with that in mind, let's examine the current scenario …

Here are 5 interesting facts that support this claim:

1) 79% of all reports contain some type of error, minor or major.

2) At least 25% of all reports contain errors that result in the denial of credit to the individual named on that report.

3) 29% of all consumers have variances of 50 points or more in their FICO scores as reported by each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). In other words, you might think your score is 700 at one, but it could be 650 or LESS at another bureau.

4) 54% of all reports contain a piece of personal identifying information that was misspelled, totally outdated, belonged to a person else, or was otherwise incorrect.

5) 30% or more of all reports contain credit accounts that had been closed by the consumer, but continued to remain listed as open on that consumer's report. This affects your "available credit" with the bureau … and can reduce your rating.

With these statistics in mind … have you looked at your own report lately?

Aside from the misinformation that is most likely on your report, there are probably a number of negative items you may not be aware of … killing your already difficult chances of getting the credit you deserve.

If you want to totally avoid this gross situation, and regain your freedom from the credit bureaus using the expertise of someone who worked for a credit bureau for over 18 years … visit [http://www.wefixcreditreports.com] and start on the road to fix your report [http://wefixcreditreports.com] and free yourself from "report prison."


Source by Barbara Alford


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