6 Surefire Way To Make Your Penis Look Smaller?


There are three categories of penis sizes:

1. small

2. medium and

3. “Oh My God!”.

But this article will not deal with the God issue, in all due respect. Instead let’s take a look at how to make your penis smaller.

Smaller? Big may look awesome but small is cute. Even if you belong to the big camp, to get there, you must know where NOT to go, right?

So here are 6 ways to make your penis smaller ….

1. Put on lots of weight, especially around the abdomen and public bone area

….. look as fat as you can. Have you seen a fat guy with a big penis? No. The reason is that the visible part of the penis is partially hidden by folds of fats. Look fat, look small.

2. Never trim your public, in fact, make it grow

…. having lots of public hair can hide part of the penile shaft and make the penis look smaller. Be as hairy as you can be. Take hair tonic, apply hair growth cream, whatever. Hariy is cool, hairy is small

3. Eat lots of high cholesterol food

… eating lots of high cholesterol food will clog up your arteries and block blood flow. Then what happens? Less and less blood will travel to your penis tissues, resulting in weaker and smaller erections. As the penis becomes used to small erections, its size will naturally shrink. Bingo, a smaller penis

4. Never exercise

… exercising makes your heart pump harder and your blood flows stronger. Why would you want that? That will strengthen your erections and make your penis seem bigger. No, never exercise if you want to look small and cute

5. Avoid porn

… and any other sexual stimulation. You don’t want to arouse your poor member and make him stand up and grow. Avoid all sexual thoughts and stay small.

6. Live like a monk

…. this one is a bit dubious as no one as no one has really seen a monk with a small penis – or a big one for that matter. Anyway, logic tells us that living like a monk will ensure that your member stays quiet and small.

There you are, 6 ways to make your penis look smaller. You can do it if you try.

Look at it another way, these are 6 ways to lose your lover. What? You don’t want to lose your lover? Then simply do the opposite.

Or if you really want to get the Holy Grail of getting bigger, try reading more on the subject of getting bigger instead of smaller.


Source by Gary T


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