7 Sales Letter Writing Methods Anyone Can Use To Write A Throat Grabbing Sales Letter


Conceptually, writing a sales letter is one of the most difficult things the average person can try to do when starting any kind of online business.

The thing about it is, when that same person applies these seven tricks, writing a sales letter can become as simple as writing an email to a friend.

Here they are …

1. Read other sales letters. Seems simple enough but countless people I've interviewed over the years have this one fault in common. They do not read other sales letters. It's like trying to ride a bike without ever putting your but on a bicycle and riding it. Is it possible? No, and neither is learning to write a sales letter without reading and understanding how sales letters are written.

2. Swipe other sales letters. I'll probably get a tongue lashing for this but who cares! From junk mail that comes in the form of sales letters or those little booklets are really a sales letter in disguise in the mail you can start a swipe file of your own. Then save all the pages of websites that are trying to sell similar products or even non-similar products. You'll know a sales letter when you see one. Save them on a folder called "Swipes." Read through these and look for language patterns and phrases you can use and edit to suit your product or service.

3. Start Writing headlines. Headlines are the most important elements of any sales message or sales letter. Write between 10 and 50 headlines per sales letter following the ACES principle. Attention, Curiosity, Excitement, Specificity. TO learn more about ACES search on Google for an article called, "How To Write A Headline That Converts More Visitors Into Customers."

4. Write to a friend. In other words, write your sales letter as if you are writing an emotional letter to your best friend about your product or service. Keep writing and do not stop to correct mistakes until you can not write any longer. If you use informal language, so be it. Anything that makes your sales letter seem more personal will make it more confusing.

5. Write short sentences and paragraphs. Keeping your paragraphs short and simple, will help you increase the readership of your sales letter. The easier it looks to read the more likely they are to read it and buy your product! People are lazy, make it easy. Please note … I did not say, make your sales letter short, I said, "keep your sentences short."

6. Use subheads. Subheads are like mini headlines. Heck, many of them ARE in fact headlines that you wrote earlier. Just make sure they work seamlessly with your copy. Subheads are used to break up long copy and drag people deeper into your words. Especially people who are skimming your copy. Online, it is also a way to relax the eye and give your sales letter more 'optical appeal'. Subheads can be compiling statements, confusing statements or positive reinforcing statements about your product or service.

7. Use a PS or two at the end of your sales Letter. Two of the most important places on any sales letter and the two that get read most often are the headline and the PS It looks strange, but the truth is, like I said earlier, "People are lazy!" Many just do not have the time or patience to read your sales letter so they read your Headline and if it's interesting to them, they read your PS's So make sure you restate your offer in PS and you also, apply a scarcity tactic to get your reader to take action immediately.

These seven tricks are by no means an exhaustive list of sales letter writing methods but they can and will help you improve your copy and improve your product sales at breakneck speed. Apply them today and profit fast!


Source by Rasheed Ali


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