Advice for Writing a Cover Letter That Stands Out


As simple as it might seem, writing an internship cover letter can be a daunting task. Nonetheless, cover letters remain a significant element of the job application process, so it's important to write a good one.

The first task of writing a solid cover letter is the format. Cover letters should be formal – remember you're sending it to a person who you want to hire you for a job you want, not your mother or best friend. You can do an online web search so examples of the format and most word processors have templates. Bottom line is to make sure you list all of your contact information at the top (off to one side) and identify the person you are contacting. If you're contacting a woman, use "Ms." unless you are 110 percent certain the person in married. If you can not find a direct person to contact, do your best to identify the company or better yet, the department the hiring manager in is.

But that's actually the simple part. Here are some tips on how to make your internship cover letter stand out from the crowd:

Skills and Experience: Before you even start writing a letter, make a list of the key skills and experience you want to convey. What makes you uniquely qualified for the job or internship? Do you have relevant work experience or have you studied the topic in your coursework?

The 'Fit': Once you have your list together, you're ready to begin drafting your letter. Your goal in your letter is to make sure it's clear why you're right fit for the position. What is it about the skills and experience that you've identified above that will make you a great choice for the position.

Personalize It: Aside from placing in the hiring manager's name and company address, each cover should reflect the specific position you are applying for. And make sure you send the right letter to the right person – the hiring manager for a public relations internship does not want to receive the cover letter you mean to send out for a social media position.

Check, Check and Re-check: Before you send out your cover letter, read it over carefully. Make sure all the information is accurate and spelled correctly. Nothing is worse than writing a great letter that's filled with typos.

Even though you may feel like a cover letter is a formality during the job application process, it still is a reflection of you. Make sure it's a great one!


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