Change – Understanding How to Respond


To determine the best reaction to change ask yourself these questions:

Question 1.

Is the person implementing the change above me or below me on the pecking order of the corporate chain of command? If they are above, get over the resistance now. Do not waste energy or time trying to change what can not be changed. Recovering alcoholics will agree on this. But, if the person implementing the change is a peer, or below you on the pecking order and they do not have a clear mandate to implement change from someone above on the chain, go to question 2.

Question 2.

Is the change expanding the company options for response to market forces or contracting it? Contracting response options is devolution, expanding is evolution. In 99% of cases the answer will be expanding in which case, go for a walk and kick a tree, it does not mind as long as it's bigger than you. If the answer is "reducing" then continue to question 3, the last.

Question 3.

How long do you want to work at this company? If the answer is more than one year more, then shut up no matter what the answer to question 1 or 2.

This is not good advice. It is practical advice. People have ego's and ego's run company chains. The higher up, the bigger the ego. Be careful with judgment. Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Gandhi, and Zoroaster had the largest ego's since creation. One has to have a big Ego to think they can change the world or be the Son of God ….. I mean, that's a big Ego if ever I heard one. And Buddha, "I've found a solution to human suffering for all humanity by sitting under a tree." So, do not poo poo Ego. It's not a crime, it's just a lot of responsibility.

The responsibility to own a big ego is to avoid getting stupid. You see, what builds a big ego is self belief. Just look at Gandhi, self belief oozing out of every pore. So, he could use that big self belief to be deluded, (Hitler, Hussein, Pol Pot, Mussolini, and the list is long or they can do great things, "Branson, Gates, Clinton, Teresa, Popes, and Dalai Lama.

So, skip the question, How do I deal with Change and jump to the question "How do I build huge self belief and not get stupid?

When I started getting successful in my business career, I bought a Porsche. That was stupid. I went to Nepal in search of answers, that was also stupid. I lived in many Yoga retreats, that was also stupid. You see, when we think that what we think is important, we become stupid. And that's why, rather than worry about change, it's smarter to build self belief – ego on something far more reliable and reliable.

Now, I'm going to share with you a way to build huge self belief and a massive world changing ego without becoming stupid. You'll note that all those great people had this quality but most of their followers do not. So, just because you follow a great teacher like Jesus, does not mean their ideas obtained by their disciples … so we want to learn from the teachers, not their translators. And what we'll learn is that it was not what they thought that made the unique difference between them and the average punter in their process of ego building sense of self worth. It was HOW.

How you think determines your sense of self, not what. The Whale saving, tree hugging hippie or the Whale killing, tree chopping tycoon are building themselves out of what they do and what they think. This is called Stupid. To not be stupid they could do what they do, but think differently about it.

If you see two sides of anything then you are building self worth. If you see half of something you are building stupid. Say, an example: A leader comes to you at work to introduce a change program. You hate it … Why? Because you're thinking Stupid (and, by the way, this is very human). So, before you react with self corrective indignation, stop and shut down. Go back and do your smart thinking, self worth building, sense of self expanding thinking process, by not worrying so much about what you think about the change they're offering, but by focussing on HOW you think.


Fact is, there are two sides to everything. Stupid means you see one or the other side. Not both.

Smart, self worth building, sense of self expanding thinking is to see both sides to anything or everything.

The person who says this is right or wrong is stupid and has a dangerous ego. The person who says, "It's both right and wrong," is thinking smart, avoiding stupid, evolving and expanding as a human …

That's what the masters were here to teach, not, I'm right you're wrong .. that stuff just breeds problems.


Source by Christopher J Walker


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