Credit Card Debt – Eliminate It


Credit card debt and usage has become habitual for many people in the west. Even though these cards have the highest interest rates of all the debts we carry, many of us use them on a regular basis. Because of their convenience and deferred payments, today they are used much more than cash.

Some of us have gotten into financial hardship due to our use of credit cards, even to the extent of having to file for bankruptcy. We hope you are motivated to eliminate any cc debt you have once you read this article. There are some very simple rules you can use to eliminate this debt.

It is not difficult to eliminate credit card debt but it does require a change of habits, especially spending habits, you may have taken years to build. Eliminating debt is step one and keeping it paid down is a big step two, which should last the rest of your life. The key is to create a doable plan and stick to until your cc debt is completely paid off.

Some people fail after they have succeeded in paying off cc debt. These are those people who let themselves loose and go on a spending spree as soon as they pay off their debt. Soon, these people again land up with cc debt and are again trying to pay off that debt.

Do whatever it takes to keep the debt off! Be persistent, and relentless. An accounting partner could help you keep that debt off. Manage yourself internally and externally to keep the lid on accumulating that debt again. Whatever you do, do not fool yourself into thinking that it is okay to build that debt back up again.

It has been shown that habits take at least 21 day to change. It should take more than 21 days of different spending and payoff habits to eliminate your credit card debt. The key is to keep these habits up once your debt has been eliminated. Below are simple rules you can use to keep your credit card debt down. There are many more but these few can be implemented without too much stress:

1) If you do not need credit cards close all of them, cut them up and only pay cash. Studies show if you pay cash for everything, you spend a lot less overall period.

2) Always remain within 70% of your credit limit.

3) Use your credit cards like a 25 – 30 day interest free loan. Pay it off before just the finance charges kick in.

4) Only hold as many cards as is absolutely necessary. You should not need any more than three. Hold credit cards which give you a usable benefit, such as points for travel or other necessities.

Adding these rules, and other rules that work for you, will eliminate stress and you paying any unnecessary interest. It has helped me considerably not to apply for any credit card offers that are processed to me, although it is tempting to do so. You can use the extra money, you had paid in interest, on other necessities or even luxuries that will add to the quality of your life. Take it from one who has had experience, life after cc debt is a lot less stressful, costly and the new habits you will acquire are much smarter.


Source by Tina T Willer


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