Developing Organizational Values ​​Through Collaboration


Within the framework of the organization of the future, there should be a certain level of consistency within the understanding of expressed values. In order for a discipline or competency to be embodied and expressed as a natural organic way of being within an individual or an organization, a criterion of values ​​must be in place that in one way or another is extracted into the forefront of consciousness so as to be on the upper-levels of priority. Because, we generally have and do things that are deemed important according to our standards. As humans we have in certain ways that we have deemed right and proper according to our experiences and our processing filters of perception. In order to treat anyone, especially employees, with dignity and respect an environment needs to be created within the organization that encourages growth and personal development for long-term success.

Jim Kouzes in a speech given for Google (Leading @ Google on YouTube) presents that one of the most important keys to success is remaining in a state of love. By virtue of the leader being in a state of love, an intention is set for desiring the best for all concerned that is aligned with respect, care, and a yearning to serve. Living in integrity, empathy, confidence and service are all buzz-words that only achieve the meaning we associate to them.

Each of us understand integrity and confidence in different ways, so being able to dialogue about our intended meanings within given communication settings will prove to be helpful in the context of: (a) knowing more clearly the frame of reference of another person, (b ) develop more openness and trust in the organizational culture, and (c) learning more about one's co-workers. The organization of the future must be willing to examine the human condition and find out the 'how' to implement key skills, and the 'why' for even desiring to have the skills or behavioral qualities implemented. Knowing what a company stands for is the prerequisite for implementing the values, attitudes, skills and learning that that makeup the company's criteria of beliefs which in turn are necessary for long-term success.

The relationship between engaged employees and an organization maximizing productivity, innovation, and growth is a sense of shared vision. The idea of ​​maximizing productivity can carry overtones of overworking employees, but it does not need to carry that meaning; because maximizing productivity can be accomplished when employees are functioning at peak performance where they feel loved, appreciated and respected for the work they produce.


Source by Ra Lovingsworth


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