Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal: Which Is the Best?


Nowadays, nobody has to worry about how to get rid of unwanted hair. There are many products available in the market that could help make your body look beautiful and attractive. However, the annoying thing is in how to choose the best one among all those products. Most people choose Electrolysis and laser hair removal to treat their bodies. Those two techniques seem to be similar, but you are wrong if you said that, in fact there is a huge difference between them. To know what the differences are, please keep reading.

Firstly, let us start by talking about the electrolysis technique. Electrolysis is a method in which the experts utilize an electric machine to transmit a small charge of electric into the body, which will electrocute the hair follicles and kill them. Therefore, that will prevent any future hair growth.

The problem in Electrolysis is that it eliminates ugly hair one by one, which means it takes a lot of time, so you to be very patient. The treatment is quite painful and costs much money. For example, a one-hour session costs you around $ 150. Electrolysis works best for both light and dark hair. It is also not effective for larger part of the body such as the back, legs, or hands.

Now, it is the turn of the Laser hair eliminating method. In this method, the doctors use a machine that delivers laser beams to kill the hair follicles. It is not painful but rather expensive than electrolysis. Just a single 15-20 minutes treatment costs you between $ 100 and $ 250. However, the treatments are so quick comparing to Electrolysis, which means you could save much time. Laser hair techniques perform best on dark hair and light skin, because the laser beams focus on melanin.

There are many types of laser hair removal. Each type works better in a specific area. For example, when you are willing to treat your bikini area, Brazilian hair removal looks to be the best choice you can use. If you do not have any idea about those types, you can do a little search in the internet. There are many reviews of laser hair removal available on the web.

Well now, your final decision depends primarily on which you hair color is, and on how much money you are willing to spend on the hair removal treatments. Removing the unsightly hair by laser should be your first choice if your hair's color is dark, if you should not think about the electrolysis method.


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