How to Find and Locate the Male G Spot For Mega Orgasms


The male G spot or prostate gland is really pretty easy to locate and find. The only real problem is that it is located in the colon. Many men have some issues about anal touch which is unfortunate.

A male G spot orgasm can be much more intense than a normal ejaculation orgasm. In my personal experience, these types of orgasms can go on for minutes and be one hundred times more powerful.

Another advantage to a male G spot orgasm is that they can be a non ejaculation orgasm. Coming seems to make a man loose sexual energy and the desire and connection with his lover.

To locate and find the male G spot the best method is first to really relax the anal ring of muscles. If some time is spent on this, prostate stimulation can be totally pain free and very erotic.

Now you need to use LOTS of lubrication on and in the anus for a great feel. These days there are anal lub tubes to inject into the colon.

Once you are totally relaxed, breath deeply and slide a finger or thumb into the anus. The location of the prostate is on the upper wall of the colon on the stomach side and about 1 inch into the colon. This can vary man to man.

The best way to locate it is to tune into the intense sensations when you are touching the correct area in the colon. The sensations are totally unique to a man and could be like a woman experiences with G spot massage.

One can also use a prostate sex toy to massage the male G spot.


Source by Gav L Wheel


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