How to Talk Dirty – Clearing Your Doubts on How to Get Started


Talking dirty is something that catches the interest of many women simply because it looks so easy to do. But once you decide to actually get down to it, you might have your doubts. Perhaps you have been wondering about what exactly you should say when you get to talking dirty.

Do you worry that it might turn into some kind of a freak show? That you will get stage fright and freeze up in the middle of what you are saying? That you will look foolish and be laughed at?

Set your mind at ease

The truth is there is no set role; there are no set rules. Talking dirty is not a stage performance. You are not about to conduct a monologue. You are going to share something private and special with your partner. Talking dirty is about indulging in something unique and intimate and sharing your innermost desires with your man.

Talking dirty is a sharing thing

One reason that talking dirty can be so exciting is that it transcends the normal barriers and restrictions of your daily routine. There is something risky and dangerous about peeling off your thin veneer of respectability. In becoming a little wild and unpredictable when you vocalize your feelings, you are reinforcing the bonds of love and trust that you share with your lover. You will arouse his senses as well as his expectations.

Anticipation is a wonderful way to heighten the actual act of making love, when you ever get around to it.

The first few steps

So what should you do to get started? To begin with, do not force yourself to say or do anything that does not come naturally to you. Whatever you do has to come from within yourself. If you feel shy to talk dirty, try whispering what you consider naughty into his ear. Whispering has many advantages … It has an element of confidentiality to it.

When you whisper, you can be a little inaudible, it will still be exciting; and you can lean in close and hide your face which might make you feel more comfortable.

Fantasize about your comfort zone

If you are still worried about looking silly and do not know how to start, think about being in an erotic situation with your partner. It could be as simple as being alone in a lift with him when you suddenly feel like kissing him. Only, instead of just kissing him, TELL him you WANT to kiss him. Linger over your words, make him want that kiss; feel that kiss, before you ever touch him.

You could also try visualizing different situations. How would you like to be touched? How would you like to touch your partner? What would you like to hear him say? Fantasies are a great way to practice your stuff in secret!

Now that you are ready

Get to know what your body is saying to you and then say it to your partner in the way that strikes you as erotic. Do not worry about the details; use words and phrases that excite you.

If your partner likes dirty talk, just the fact that you are doing it will be incredibly exciting to him. And once you have started talking dirty, there will be no looking back!


Source by Chris J Roberts


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