I Go To School Can I Have A Credit Card?


For those youngsters leaving the nest and going out on their, a student credit card is ideal for them. More and more college goers are paying with the plastic these days, and more so now than ever it is becoming a trend to not carry any paper money with you. It seems sometimes the more you have the better status you have.

What can a student use a student credit card for?

For the most part a student credit card is ideal for those emergencies that tend to pop up at the worst times, like a flat tire in the middle of now where, with no one within a 50 mile radius. Another use for a student credit card is let's say you need some books, and the only place you can find them anywhere cheap is online, well without a credit card you would have to be hanging out more, so with the credit card you might even save money. Some credit card companies even offer discounts on school supplies or even travel rewards for those long trips home to do your laundry.

What about the risks?

When applying for a student credit card you are indeed taking risk, a risk on your future financial status. You are potentially setting yourself up for payments for the rest of the cards life. You are tied down to make a payment every month whether it is for the full amount or only a partial amount, it must be made. You also take the risk of the APR going up. The majority of credit card holders including college students do not pay attention to what they sign or turn in as far as applications go, this gets them into some trouble down the road unfortunately.

But I did not know what I was signing

Well now that you have spent more than you can even begin to pay back, you are in debt. Student debt is a growing realization, students continue to use their credit cards without caution and do not think of the repercussions. The main cause of this fact is that they really do not understand what they are signing and only think of "Oh it's free money", when really it is not, it's something you have to pay back. Another point is that the APR changes and most students do not realize this or do not know how it affects their credit card usage. Before getting a credit card weight out the pros and cons and make sure it's right for you.


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