Is Your Number Important On Your Yellow Letter? Part 2


In part one we talked about the importance of the yellow letter calls. The important part was not only the number being used but, more importantly, we talked about who was answering the call!

It is irrelevant who you use (as far as which company), but there are ones already programmed to do it correctly for you. I know there are a few of you who might still try to buck the system. You are probably saying to yourself right now, "I think I am still going to take my own calls". You should not want to take calls directly, and there are several reasons for this. Number one, you do not know when they are going to call, and there is no way you can be ready for that call!

Think about it – how are you going to answer the calls at all times? Imagine being in your car. Are you able to give your full attention?

What if you are stuck by a train – think about that noise.

What if you are walking across a parking lot and it is windy – the background noise will be unbearable!

What if you have to give them the kiss of death? What if you have to say the absolute worst thing you could say to someone who calls – can I call you back later?

Bottom line – you just can not take calls when you are not ready to take them.

I would say the biggest push reason for using Pat Live is because they are ready 24-hours a day, and then you only return the very few calls that pass the pre-screening test. But the largest reason you do not want to take these calls is because if you do a good marketing job, and you use the yellow letter correctly, (which very very people do), you will get flooded with calls, and most of them will be a worthless waste of your time.

Knowing that going in, the last thing you want to do is be on the phone with people who are a worthless waste of your time all day, every day. Managing the phone is one of the most important things you can manage in this business to truly master your time, so you can free it up to focus on your business and do not have it consume your life with wasted energy from talking to people that you should not be talking to anyway.

If you talk to too many of these people who want retail price for their house, you can not help but begin to get a negative attitude and the air just bleeds right out of you because you're spending so much time with negative people that want everything their way.

You do not want to even come in contact with those folks!


Source by Bryan Benson


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