Learn 3 Secrets To Discover The Easy Way To Mix Colors Successfully


If you think color mixing is easy … you are WRONG!

When you have a selection of colors on your painting palette it is easy to get carried away with the 1000's of incredible new colors you could mix. As an artist …

"What a wonderful opportunity you have in front of you?"

A professional artist can handle a palette with 10 colors easily. A highly skilled artist has been using their favorite range of colors to paint masterpieces for 5 years, 10 years or more. They never doubt that they can create any color they want from the color selection in front of them … they do not even have to think about it.

For a beginner, wanting to learn to paint, it is completely different …

In no time at all they could be turning the colors of the rainbow into dreary, dull, flat muddy messes that have no color quality or life. Without care, any artist can mix colors that are unsuitable to look at … revolting colors.

It does not have to be so … Color mixing should be easy …

  • Blue and Red = Purple
  • Blue and Yellow = Green
  • Red and Yellow = Orange

Primary colors (Blue Red and Yellow) make Secondary colors (Purple, Green and Orange)

And, of course, Tertiary colors (Browns, Grays and Blacks) can be made from combinations of Secondary colors and Primary colors.

If you think color mixing is difficult … you are going to learn an easy way …

Here's the 1st secret to successful color mixing …

The easiest and fastest way to learn about color mixing is to use a palette of only 3 colors …

  1. A Blue
  2. A Red
  3. A Yellow

Yes! It sounds obvious. Think about it for a while and, whatever the disadvantages against the idea, you will see that there is a huge benefit …

You can quickly learn what colors you can mix … and you will soon know that you can mix the colors you want anytime you want

The beauty of the idea is … It does not matter which blue, red or yellow you use … a mid-blue, mid-red and mid-yellow would be best. You'll soon see if the colors mix well and give you colors you like and want to use.

The 2nd secret to successful color mixing is …

Mix no more than 2 colors together at a time …

  • Learn what kind of different Blues can be made from adding a touch of Red (some of these blues will amaze you for their incredible strength and character)
  • Find out what different reds you can get from a touch of blue (they could be far richer than you could imagine)
  • Then, when you have discovered the new Blues and Reds, try adding a little more Red to the Blue and a little more Blue to the Red.

You could find that you have mixed far better Purples and Mauves than you ever imagined …

  • Deep and dark colors that you'll want to use in your painting
  • Strong and powerful colors you will easily and quickly be able to mix time after time.

When you are happy mixing Blue and Red, you'll be keen to learn what kind of Blues and Greens you can create with your choice of Blue and Yellow.

Then, finally, you can experiment with the Red and Yellow to create Fiery Oranges, along with Hot Yellows and Bright Reds that will knock you out.

Mix only 2 colors at a time and you will never doubt that you can repeatly create exactly the colors you want at any time.

The 3rd secret to color mixing is … Browns, Grays and Blacks can be made from 2 color mixes …

This is where you'll find even more surprises …

You will already know how to mix various different Secondary Purples, Greens and Oranges from your choice of Blue, Red and Yellow

Now you can go on and try mixing great Tertiary Colors …

The trick here is …

  • You start with an already prepared Secondary Color you know how to mix.
  • Then you add a Primary Color and see what the result is.

You will be surprised at the results … sometimes you will be shocked

Did you know that you can mix fantastic Warm Browns from a Red and a Green?

And … "Do you think you can create the Blue and Reddish-Brown necessary to mix a cool Gray or Black?"

These are'nt flat, dull grays and blacks that kill a painting … They are Grays and Blacks that have color quality of their own.

Use a 3 Color Palette and meet the challenge of successful color mixing using 2 colors at a time … This is the best kept secret of all.


Source by Michael Dale


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