Pick Up Artist Techniques for Dating the Right Way


Most guys would like to know some pick up artist techniques that will lead to success most of the time. No one wants to hear the same old tips that sometimes work and sometimes do not. A lot of guys think that dating is hard enough without using techniques that the girls have heard over and over again and could recognize and shoot down from miles away. The techniques listed here are definitely not methods girls will have seen before. This is because they are meant to change the way you view dating and thus, change your success rate positively. Below are some guidelines about pick up artist techniques for dating the right way.

To begin with, you have to believe you will be successful in order to actually be successful. You must stop believing you can’t and start believing you can. You have to quit worrying about not being old enough or young enough or handsome enough. You can’t possibly know what a girl is looking for just by seeing her for the first time across the room. You have no way of knowing whether or not you are “her type” until you start talking to her.

Next, you have to believe that women are basically good. They are not out to destroy you. They do like it when guys hit on them. They do like to have sex. They are out for a reason. Sure, they want to have a good time with their friends, but they also want to have guys notice them, hit on them, and ultimately, have sex with them. Believe the best in women and the best in yourself and you will already be two-thirds of the way toward seduction success.

The last third of the puzzle is regarding the beliefs you have toward dating in general. For example, in the first paragraph, one of the reasons why guys want easy pick up techniques is because dating is hard enough without having techniques that don’t work. The belief is out there that dating is hard. That it is a chore. That it is almost not worth the effort. Until you start believing that dating is fun, you are not going to get anywhere. So, change your attitude and start thinking of it as a fun game and you will have mastered one of the most important pick up artist techniques. And you will surely succeed in your endeavors.


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