Postcard Marketing – A Few Simple Tips You Should Know!


Direct mail Postcard Marketing is nothing new. This method of marketing has been used by direct marketers for decades. Effective postcards need to be simple yet eye-catching. A postcard can also double as a gift certificate or a coupon. You can also use both sides of the card to promote your campaign. Your postcards should also have multiple ways to contact you. Your address, 800 number, web site, etc. If you offer multiple ways for someone to contact you, the more likely it will be that they will contact you.

If you have the time and money to invest, Postcard marketing can be very lucrative. From the cost of designing and printing postcards, to the cost of postage for delivering the postcards. These costs can vary greatly. The costs will range from $1500 to more than $3000 for 5000 postcards. How much you pay for shipping, designing and printing, can all vary depending on current shipping rates, and the deals that can be found for design and printing. The higher the quantity of postcards, the lower the cost per card. This, however, leads to a higher overall upfront cost.

With postcard marketing you can easily track the success/failure rate. If you send out 5000 postcards, a 5% response rate might be expected. That means you would have 250 responses. Of 250 responses you might again expect 5% to buy your product or service. That’s 12.5 products or services sold for every 5000 postcards sent out. That equates to about 1/4 percent overall. These percentages are just an example and will vary significantly. The types of products and service being sold, and whether or not there’s a market for that particular product or service at the time, are two factors that will play a major role in determining the overall success of any direct mail Postcard Marketing campaign.

In conclusion, direct mail postcards are more likely to be read than emails. For that reason, direct mail postcard marketing has proved to be very successful for a wide range of companies selling a wide range of products. However, it is not for every business or every product. I would not recommend this method of marketing to someone just starting out. In my opinion there are many other methods of marketing that are far more cost effective, and have far better results than direct mail postcard marketing. That being said, should you still choose this method of marketing, please make sure you do your homework. The more targeted your mailing list, the better the results will be.


Source by Ken Breeden


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