Satisfying Your Lady in Bed – Do Not Make These 4 Mistakes


One of the issues a man will certainly think about is how to satisfy his lady on the bed. In fact, the relationship of you and your lady will be improved if you an satisfy her better. However, the truth here is that a lot of men will make some serious mistakes on the bed. This will make it difficult to satisfy your lady well.

The good news here is that it is not difficult to avoid such mistakes. You can try to alter your attitude and habit a little bit and you will be able to do better in the bedroom. So, be sure not to make the following mistakes!

# 1 Not knowing your lady well

This is probably the most serious mistake. You should first of all know that it will take longer time to turn a woman when compare that with a man. Beside, you should try to discover the button to turn her on! However, a lot of men will not try to discover that. You should try to spend the time to discover this so that you can easily turn her on!

# 2 Not having enough foreplay

This is in fact a common mistake made by most men. They will try to rush to the actual intercourse. This is of course because it is a lot easier to turn a man on. As a result, men will not pay too much attention to the foreplay. Yet, you should understand that a quality foreplay is always important. You should also find various ways to surprise her. This will make your foreplay more perfect.

# 3 Not using words

A lot of men do not know that words can be very powerful when it comes to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning a lady on. However, some men do not want to talk too much when they are having intimate relationship with their ladies. You should try to talk to her when you are having an intimate relationship with her. You should try to tell her how deep you love her. Remember, a woman is usually more emotional when intimate relationship is concerned.

# 4 Not trying to explore the best sex positions

This is another serious mistake. In order to have a better sex experience, you should try to explore the best sex positions with your partner. However, some men just do not do that! You should never be one of these men. You will need to explore something new with her from time to time. By doing this, you will be satisficing her a lot better.


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