Smoothie Maker Versus Juice Maker


There are a lot of people who think that a blender will do the same thing as a juicer. First and foremost we want you to know that these two machines are totally different in how they operate as well as what the overall objective is.

Later we will cover the high power high-speed blenders that are on the market that are totally unique when compared to a regular low horse power blender as found in most department or discount stores and are really in a class by themselves.

Regular store-bought blenders versus a juicer.

A juicer is designed to separate the juice of the fruit or vegetable from the fiber. This separation is the basic process of this type of machine. The entire premise is that the human body will then be able to easily access the nutrients that have been extracted from the fruit or vegetable. People report more energy almost immediately due to the body having easy access to the nutrients. Almost no digestion is required, thereby allowing more energy being available for other activities.

Let's compare this action to that of a regular store-bought blender. First off, a blender of this type will generally not be able to break down the cell wall of the fruit or vegetable and allow for the juice to be removed from the fiber. Generally this type of blender is not capable of creating a smoothie type finished product. It simple lacks the power and blade speed that is required to totally pulverize the contents of the blender. So, what comes out of this type of blender is a somewhat chunky and much less palatable finished product. There is little comparison to the juice that comes from an actual juicer. Let's face it; chunks in a drink are not very pleasant. Further, if you want to have juice from using this method, then you must filter out the fibrous potion of the drink using a cloth screen adding to the work load of trying to juice with a blender. In addition, since the blade speed isadequate to fully pulverize the contents this process will waste some of the fruit or vegetable contents.

There are other benefits to a smoothie maker versus a juicing machine or just using a store-bought blender.

Either a store-bought blender or the best juicer will extract the nutrient benefits of the seeds of some produce such as a strawberry because the seeds are just too small. In addition, if seeds and nuts are a desired ingredient, they are not going to be broken down to any usable drink and will remain very gritty with lower powered blenders. These two items are not even provided to be put through a juicing machine.

Back to our example of the strawberries. If the actual seeds of the berry are not pulverized, then there is no way that the blender is removing the majority of the obstacles for the body to obtain maximum benefit from the produce that is trying to be pulverized. This principle goes for a juicer as well. If the pulp or the juice contains unbroken strawberry seeds, then the same is true for a juicer.

There are some problems that can come with juicing that are not present with blending or with a high powered smoothie maker.

We will cover more in the next few paragraphs, but let me just share with you what a Naturopathic MD told me. Her real concern with juicing was the spike of sugar it causes to a body. This can happen even with vegetables. So unless there is a medical reason to do this, this Doctor was convinced that creating a meal or drink which was totally pulverized, (let's call them smoothies) even down to strawberries would be better than a straight juiced drink.

This Doctor went on to explain that the natural fiber contained within the smoothies is also good for the digestive tract in a healthy body. Also this process encourages the body to absorb the nutrition that has been made more readily available by the processing of the fruits and vegetables, seeds or nuts that may be present, but at a more regulated and natural rate due to the inclusion of the natural fiber .

I personally do not have the knowledge to say one way or the other which is better. But I can attest to the benefits of using one of these high-speed, high horse power blenders that can turn even strawberry seeds into a part of a nutritious drink when used as a smoothie maker. Each time I go on one of my health kicks, as my friends call them, I lose a belt notch within a few weeks. And as of this writing I have lost 11 pounds over the past 10 days without even trying. I am a five foot ten inch male and was at 205 pounds when I started this project. I simply started to eat a few smoothies and there the weight goes! No work, no effort and no change to my normal routine other than switching a few meals from what I normally eat to a smoothie, it is simply amazing.

And I do not, let me repeat, I do not eliminate all of my favorite foods. I have an ice cream type smoothie about 5 days a week when I go onto this so-called health kick. It is not a tough road to hoe! Seems like my bad food cravings just go away.

One other thought about the differences, I know that soft fruit like a banana or even some items like an avocado produce no juice with a juicing machine and only create a big mess. With a powerful blender these soft items can be included if desired. In addition, nuts or seeds can be utilized in this process as well if desired.

There are only two machines that I know of that have the ability to pulverize the seeds of a strawberry, that is the Vita-Mix as well as the BlendTec.

I can personally attest to the Vita-Mix machine as I have owned one for many years. It not only juices but also does a lot of other household cooking jobs such as to puree food, blending, and mincing and it will even knead dough. This machine even makes great ice cream. Yes, ice cream is still a weakness of mine but at least this way I know what is in it! It just does not get any better than this.


Source by Kevin John James


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