Stylish Boat-Vessel Audio Speakers – Sony XS-MP1602B Review (xsmp1602)


If you own a boat, a yacht, or anything that requires marine equipment, you would thoroughly enjoy the high quality speaker system to complement your expensive marine vessel. A great buy is the Sony XS-MP1620B, a set of marine speakers that is capable of delivering high fidelity sound quality. Coming from Sony, you can be sure that it is a highly dependable product that will last for many years to come. The pair of marine speakers features a dark and sleek design, a stark contrast when compared to the typical white marine speakers made by many other brands.

What's great about the speakers is its ability to make your boat look really good. When you see these speakers mounted in a vessel, you know you have high quality equipment. The speakers are capable of handling 160 watts of maximum wattage and 45 watts of continuous power handling. Its polypropylene cone woofer is highly rigid and could withstand moisture or even water spray from the salt water or fresh water. It will perform extremely well and consistently despite changes in the environment such as humidity and temperature. The speakers also feature a coaxially mounted 2 "cone tweeter that will deliver crystal clear and incredibly crisp mid to high sound frequencies.

Worried about marine environment affecting your speakers? Do not worry, Sony has ensured longevity with its water resistant plastic and rubber coating so that material would not deteriorate or be damaged in harsh marine environment.

I recommend that you purchase at least two pairs of the XS-MP1620B for any vessel larger than 35 feet long. You could mount the speakers automatically anywhere, especially with its relatively shallow mounting depth requirement. The XS-MP1620B ( Sony Marine Speaker ) requires only 2-1 / 2 "of mounting space, which means you do not need a whole lot of space behind the magnet to mount the speaker.


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