Why Do You Want To Lead? What Are Your MOTIVES?


You belong to a particular organization, and are inspired by something or someone, to pursue a position of leadership. Although, another individual, may think or believe, you are the right person, to accumulate some position, only if / when, you truly believe, you have the right stuff, and can make a meaningful difference, for the better, should you pursue it. Open – your – eyes, widely, and take a long, deep, objective, introspective look, and ask yourself, why you want to lead, this particular group, at this point, in time. Take the extra time, and, be, as certain as you can be, that, you are the right person. Be certain you consider your personal MOTIVES, and they are pure, focused on the common good, rather than any self – interests or personal agenda. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why we would have better leaders, if each, would do so, before proceeding.

1. Mention; meeting of minds; motivating: If you need to be thanked, or believe one's position, demands respect, you're probably wrong, for the task ahead. Rather, quality leaders endeavor to mention, thank and appreciate the efforts of others. Will you seek finding and serving the common good, avoid favoring your self – interests? Will you set the example, which inspires and motivates others to follow, and be more involved? Will your leadership be motivating?

2. Options; opportunities; open – mind; opinions: Are you willing to respect others opinions, while having the self – confidence, to step forward, and clearly articulate your opinions and ratione? Will you be open – minded, willing to listen and consider options and alternatives, in order to recognize meaningful opportunities?

3. Timely: Procrastination is the greatest obstacle to quality leadership. One must listen, learn, empathize, fully consider, and then take personal responsibility, to introduce and take timely actions.

4. Ideas; integrity; interesting; inspire; ideology: Consider and embrace your group's ideology, mission, and vision, and inspire others, by making it, interesting, and relevant, to them. Never sacrifice absolute integrity, for the sake of expediency. Will you commit to the responsibility of inspiring, those you serve.

5. Vision; value; values: Are you motivated by a vibrant vision, which will matter to others, because it provides genuine value, while aligning with your organization's values?

6. Empathy; excellence; endurance; efforts: Listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and demand your highest level of personal excellence. Will your efforts focus on providing quality, and will you persist, with the endurance, to overcome obstacles, and implement solutions, for the better.

7. System; sustainable solutions; service: How will you leave your group, stronger, than when you began. Will you prioritize, service? Will you perceive and conceive of, and implement, a system, to provide, the finest, sustainable solutions?

No one, should let others, pressure him, into entering leadership. What are your true MOTIVES?


Source by Richard Brody


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