Fired Google engineer hires Republican lawyer


Fired engineer: Google a ‘psychologically unsafe environment’

James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired after he wrote an explosive memo on diversity, has retained an attorney.

Harmeet Dhillon, a California representative for the Republican National Committee, confirmed Tuesday that Damore is her client.

She’ll represent Damore in proceedings related to a complaint he filed against Google with the National Labor Relations Board.

Dhillon declined to comment as to whether a lawsuit is in the works.

Damore gained infamy earlier this month when his 3,300 word memo on Google’s diversity policies were widely circulated. CEO Sundar Pichai ultimately condemned parts of the essay, which claimed women aren’t well represented in tech due to “biological” reasons.

Dhillon is a trial lawyer who is well known for her work with the California GOP. She delivered a Sikh prayer at the Republican National Convention in 2016, and was reportedly under consideration to lead the civil rights division in President Trump’s Justice Department.

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Since he was fired, Damore has become a hero to many on the right thanks to his repeated assertion that Silicon Valley is hostile to conservatives.

“Hopefully it will show there has been a lot of political discrimination in the workplace and that needs to stop,” he said in an interview with CNN Tech on August 15. He also called Google (GOOG) a “psychologically unsafe environment.” He added, however that he doesn’t support the alt-right, even though some of its affiliates support him.

In a blog post, Dhillon’s law firm is asking Google employees who have “experienced illegal employment practices” related to their political views to reach out.

“We represent Google employees terminated for violating Google’s rigid PC codes,” Dhillon said Wednesday while sharing the post on Twitter.

Dhillon is also representing the Berkeley College Republicans in a suit that claims that the University of California, Berkeley restricts the speech of conservative students. It was filed after the school canceled a speech by Ann Coulter.

— CNNMoney’s Sara Ashley O’Brien contributed reporting.


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