Increase Your Sales? Tips On Writing A Sales Letter – Sales Letter Example


Are you still looking for a way to capture your audience? Look no further! Here we have some perfect examples of how to write the winning sales pitch!

First of all, you want to capture the attention of your reader! This is done visibly and through the power of your written words. Which opening statement would appeal to more people?

1) Have you tried selling on eBay before?

2) Have you tried selling online before?

The second statement would capture a larger audience whereas the first statement would alienate the population of customers who do not use eBay.

After your opening statement, you will be able to throw in your first claim … Perhaps "Have you tried selling online before? We have a solution to your selling needs." It is important to keep your statements broad, mysterious and most importantly, addicting to read!

Be sure to fill the body of your sales pitch with several testimonials. The power of a testimonial is unmatched by any of your other selling tools. Involve pictures of the person who gave the testimonial to improve the effectiveness of their testament.

At your closing, its important to invoke a certain feeling of urgency in the reader to provoke them to act sooner than later. Showing a sale price next to the normal price is a typical tactic that sellers enjoy using. Most sellers also enjoy throwing in a freebie or two. Either way, your sure to only help your chances of making a sale. Hopefully this information will help you along your online journey. Best of luck to you!


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